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Black Friday is coming to Philadelphia on Friday August 9, 2024!



Wrigley Field
1101 W Waveland Ave F2, Chicago, IL 60613

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Darenda Hills | Risk Placement Services, Inc.

Justin Adams | New York Life Securities LLC



We seek to provide agents with direct access to global, national and regional markets
We seek to diversify the insurance distribution channel
We seek to identify insurance products and services that cater to Black Families and Black Business owners

Diverse Distribution Channel For Insurance Companies

Every Black Wall Street in America existed because of the Black insurance industry. It’s time to connect Black agents to a larger chunk of the $1.28 trillion annual premiums in the US insurance market and for insurance companies, this is a moment of reimagining [source]. What would this industry look like if insurance companies had access to a more diverse distribution channel? Black Friday seeks to answer the question.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a dynamic, radical approach to creating more, inclusive opportunities for Black agents and expanding possibilities for insurance companies. Black Friday will bring together Black agents with diversity-focused insurance companies in order to forge serious connections and foster immediate opportunities. No gimmicks, just companies and agents meeting directly to get to the bag and jumpstart greater inclusivity in an industry that has historically struggled with diversity. If the insurance industry is to continue to grow, then it must seek out new markets and this event will serve as a catalyst for that expansion!

Why be a part of Black Friday?

Black Friday will be the start of an even greater awareness in the industry with respect to inclusion and opportunities. Black agents want opportunities now and insurance companies are eager to explore new opportunities. Black Friday will facilitate direct connections between insurance companies and Black agents to explore those opportunities and create a more equitable industry.

Coined “The Black Wall Street of the Insurance Industry”, the Black Friday events will take place in metropolitan cities across the United States at exclusive Black-owned venues that cater to professionals, entrepreneurs and the community.  Each venue identified serve a hub for collaboration, connections, and experiences, which aligns with the goals and objectives for Black Friday.

If you are an insurance company, register now to build your brand, scale your operations, and engage with diverse insurance professionals.

A Black Agent?  Register here to secure direct access to markets, expand your business and learn about the products and services that leading insurance companies have to offer.

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